All-in-one electronic health record management and medical billing software to simplify and tranform  health center departments, workflows and processes.

EMR 360 is an innovative cloud based electroc medical records software helping to connect all health center departments, processes by automating and transforming entire administrative, patient records, servce billing, clinical services, medical consultation, diagnosis, treatment, medications and reporting.

A complete information and knowledge based services that helps to improve decision making, quality of healthcare service delivery, medical practice performance and care of patients and clients experience. Suitable for clinics, hospitals, laboratories, diagnostic centers, radiology and imaging centers, general practitioner, chiropractors, opthamologist, pharmacy, physiotherapist and alternative health practitioners.
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Trusted by hundred's of medical centers and practitioners nationwide. EMR 360 is already helping numbers of medical centers and healthcare administrators across the country.
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Ready to move your care service to the next level? EMR 360 is the right solution you need if you are running hospitals, clinics, pharmacy, laboratory diagnostic center, imaging and radiology service, etc.  Make your management easier, make your patient happier and improve collaboration with health management organization, referrers and consultants.
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