All-in-one electronic medical record, medical billing, accounting and healthcare ERP software to connect health center departments, workflows and processes.

EMR 360 is an innovative cloud based Healthcare ERP. It's an electronic medical record, electronic health record and medical billing software. It helps to connect all health center departments and processes automations and transform your entire administrative, clinical and medical services operation.

A complete information and knowledge based services that help you to improve decision making, quality of healthcare service delivery, medical practice performance and care of patients and clients experience. Suitable for clinic, hospital, laboratory, radiology and imaging center, general practitioner, medical center, chiropractics, opthamology service, pharmacy, private medical practitional, etc.
Unlimited patients
Unlimited billing
Unlimited appointments
Patient demorgraphy
Patient chart & timeline

Patient Portal
Physician Portal
Financial Accounting
And so much more
Easy to use
Secure data storage
Data backup
24/7 support
Hybrid cloud integration
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Comprehensive Healthcare Services Management Modules
Emr360 software bundle comes with full functionalities and modules for all health center departments.
It has a ready made departmental and data flow and connectivity required to run entire healthcare facilities.
Features include cloud reporting, critical findings, flexible scheduling, patient portals and a health center CRM with real-time data.
Patient Record Management
Register new patient and manage all patient record with ease. Search and update patient record and view patient timeline
Appointment Management
Schedule appointment and manage all patient appointments, assign patient to consultant and manage wait list
Patient Billing
Easily bill patient and generate invoices for services requested by patient, manage invoice status and send to cashier
Accounting Management
Manage services & pricing, post payments, print invoices & receipts, manage hmo and companys invoices. Generate daily and monthly report, send invoices, etc
Electronic Medical Consultation
Record and update patient file with encounter details.  Update clinical findings, diagnosis, treatment, medications, recommendation, surgeries, etc
Vitals & Allergies
Regular update of patient record with vital signs and allergies on patient visits
Medical Records
Generate patient medical record and reports such as patient history, patient chart & timeline
Diagnostic Reporting
Create and manage all patient diagnostic reports for laboratory test and radiology examinations using pre-design templates
Pharmacy Management
Drug prescription, drug billing and dispensing. Manage drug inventory and generate inventory reports
Referrals Management
Manage all referring physician, referring hospitals,  health management organization and comapnies. Generate timely referrers report by hospitals, physician and hmo
Electronic Document
Manage all patient electronic document, attach dcument to patient records, update documents and download documents
Financial Accounting
Perform financial accounting transactions and also integration with financial accounting management system
Management Reports
Generate timely management reports such as sales reports, expenditure, invoices, payment, service reports, patient reports, graphical analytic reports, etc
Financial Reports
General financial statement, trial balance, P/L, chart of account, cash book, etc
Lots More
System Administration Management, Store Management, Suppliers & Procurement Management,  Human Resources & Payroll, Payroll Management, Patient Portal, Physician Portal, etc

Affordable & flexible plan for everyone
Save time and money without compromising the quality of your services. We are offering flexible and affordable pricing for everyone. No hidden cost and you will have full access to all Emr360 functionalities and modules. See pricing below for different plans or contact our sales team to know exact pricing for your center.
  Standard Professional Enterprise
  Unlimited Patient
  Unlimited Appointment
  Unlimited Billing
  Unlimited Consultation
  Financial Accounting
  No of Users 3 10 Unlimited
  Pharmacy [PoS & Inventory]  
  Diagnostic Reporting
  Data Backup
  Email Support
  Data Encryption
  Online Access
  24/7 Supports
  Onsite Deployement
  Hybrid Cloud Integration 
  Store Management
  Human Resources
  Payroll Management
  Patient Portal 
  Physician Portal
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Key Benefits of EMR 360
EMR 360 is an end-to-end health care services management software. It is a web-based application for management of health information system from  patient registration and billing and payment collection to appointment scheduling, consultation, diagnostic reporting and much more.
Adapting to the unique demands of each center, it is an integrated healthcare service information system and financial management that requires no major capital investment. It  improves efficiency by automating manual functions, streamlining workflows and bridging gaps between multiple information systems.
EMR 360 improves efficiency by filling existing gaps. It’s a game changer.
Improve Workflow Efficiency
All the modules are integrate and connect all department operations. It has a platform for all medical departments such as administrator, front-desk, records, billing, cashier, accounts, pharmacy, doctors, radiologist, pathologist and consultants, etc.  It is a multi-user software and multi-processing application that allow for unlimited number of users to access the system at the same time without hold back.
Improve Patient Care
Improve patient care with Emr360. It features a flexible, easily integrated ecosystem with real time interface engine connecting multiple entities and systems. No matter how you prefer to generate your reports and documents, the application will craft a solution tailored to fit your care operation’s needs. We'll make it fit Just for you.
Leverage With Best Technology
Leverage your business with best technology. Emr360 serves as your business partner enabling you to leverage best-of-breed technologies with white glove service and support. With 24-hour access to patient documentation, electronic sign-off processes, management and analytical tools.
Improve Efficiency in Productivity
Improve care quality using standardized treatment plans. Accelerate collections of medical billing and payment collection. Reduce time with collaborative care management. Develop patient and condition-specific treatment plans by eliminating redundant data entry with automated information capturing.
Maximize Limited Resources
By decentralizing information across multiple department, information are shared and accessible to everyone at any point in time. The system improved productivity and saves time by providing required information on real-time to every departments and workflows.
Measure Performance
The system log activities of each and every staff inputs to everywork, this help to measure the quality and track the turn around time for every services delievered. With adequate time tracking report and TAT, performe report can be generated by the management for decision making.
Reduce Duplication and Errors
Dulication of data and error input in patient are drastically reduced using the system intelligent in data management. The system come with search and indexing form that avoid re-entering of data at every point. The managed page eliminate error by provide easy and restricted access to data management.
Streamline Revenue Cycle
With proper billing and financial account management solution, the system enable posting of payment received either cash or bank. It also come it daily income reports and analytics that will show your revenue at a glance including filters for best decision making
Enable Cost Saving
With improved technology solution and cloud architecture, the system come with strategies for enablement of cost saving. With integration of system such financial accounting and procurement system, you will bolster with system that monitor income and spendings at the same time.
100+ healthcare centers trusted EMR 360
More than 100 healthcare centers across the country rely on EMR 360 to run their daily medical departments and services
 to improve performance and profitability.
Ready to get started?
Ready to move your health care service delivery center to the next level? EMR 360 is the right solution you need. If you are running hospitals, clinics, pharmacy, laboratory, imaging and radiology service, etc, EMR 360 is here to make your center management easier, make your patient happier and improve collaboration with health management organization, referrers and consultants.
In summary, EMR 360 will help you to manage services and pricing, do patient appointment booking, patient billing, record consultation disagnosis, treatment and medication, type and print patient report using templates, report mailing, generate patient reports and overview, generate financial and management reports,  communicate with everyone, generate referrers and hmo reports,  and much more.
Purchasing and implementing EMR 360 is only the beginning. Once the it is up and running, support becomes key to long-term success. Our support staff is available 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week. Sign up now for free trial or call us for on-premise and/or hybrid cloud integration  

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